Riksbanken, The Swedish central bank
chose Crane Currency

When Riksbanken, The Swedish central bank, decided to replace Sweden’s banknotes, the reason was that the notes’ security level needed to be raised. This was not in response to a counterfeiting problem, but to ensure it stayed ahead of one.

The central bank also decided to invite graphic designers, artists and architects to take part in a competition to provide the artistic starting point for the new banknotes.

“The artistry was important. However, we primarily wanted to upgrade security and we have inserted a number of new security features in the new series of banknotes. It is important as confidence in banknotes must remain at a high level”, says Mårten Gomer, Technical Manager for banknotes and coins at The Swedish central bank.


Highest level of expertise and technical equipment

Producing modern banknotes is a highly advanced process which requires both expertise and technical equipment of the highest level. Following a competitive procurement process, Sweden's central bank selected Crane Currency to transfer the artistic starting point into functional banknotes.

“We have worked with portraits because faces are easy for ordinary users to recognize.
Crane Currency has the expertise to take the artistry further in the banknotes”, says Mårten Gomer.

A total of six new banknote designs launched in Sweden through 2016. The reception and interest from the public has been positive and Swedish media has written and reported regularly on the historic change of notes.

In answer to the question of which note Mårten Gomer likes best, he responds after a moment’s reflection:

“My favorite is the 100 kronor note, it has the actress Greta Garbo and her home town of Stockholm as motifs. Moreover, the note has very beautiful colors.”

The Riksbank is Sweden’s Central Bank and an authority under the Swedish Parliament. The Swedish central bank is the oldest central bank in the world. Its operations started in 1668. The Riksbank is responsible for monetary policy with the objective to maintain price stability. The bank has also been given the task to promote a safe and efficient payment system.