A vital and growing part of our global workforce, our Commercial team establishes strong working relationships with the world’s leading central banks and governing agencies. The expert knowledge, customer skills and exceptional communication abilities of these team members are vital to our success. Share your professionalism, creativity and engagement – and help us continue to win in the competitive banknote marketplace.

Commercial positions include:

Regional Sales

Our sales managers and directors call on high-level bank and finance executives in their markets.


Our design team partners with government agencies to create artistic and secure banknotes that meet rigorous requirements and enhance the host country’s public image.

Bid Managers

This team is responsible for the full life-cycle development of our bids, including technical, commercial, financial and administrative aspects of the process.

Order Managers

Providing technical and commercial engagement to ensure that our clients receive what they requested, this group partners closely with our operations and sales organization to delight our customers.

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“Being truly global, Crane offers a variety of opportunities in terms of job functions and locations. More importantly, our ambitious plans and open culture foster an effective, smooth learning process and career development. After only one week, I could feel the huge amount of opportunities I would have to develop. I am glad I found a place to work where dialogue is so easy, respectful and efficient, regardless of the positions involved.” Israel, Contract Manager Tumba, Sweden

Israel, Contract Manager
Tumba, Sweden