11th September 2023

Central Bank of Jordan Upgrades New Series of Banknotes with RAPID® and MOTION® Switch


The Central Bank of Jordan (CBJ) has redesigned and upgraded its full series of Dinar banknotes with new advanced security features, including the micro-optic security threads RAPID® and MOTION® Switch from Crane Currency. The fifth series is the first upgrade since 2002 and includes the denominations JD1, JD5, JD10, JD20, and JD50.  


Crane Currency’s micro-optic features are unique. Its secure and captivating visual effects are produced via a system of skilled scientists, engineers, and technicians paired with specialized production equipment of their own design. The result is an optical system that achieves distinctive image animation and fluid movement that make public authentication quick and easy. 


The JD1 and JD5 banknotes are designed with 3 and 4 mm RAPID micro-optic security threads and the JD10, JD20 and JD50 with 4.5 mm and 5 mm MOTION Switch security threads, respectively. 


The windowed MOTION Switch security threads show movement and a change from the denomination’s numeral to the royal crown when the note is tilted. 


The first banknote in the new series, the 1 dinar, was placed into circulation in late 2022. The remaining denominations are being placed into circulation during 2023. 


All denominations in the new series are printed on an upgraded and durable cotton paper substrate to extend their life circulation. The dimensions of the banknotes vary by denomination. 


Click here for more information about the upgraded fifth series of banknotes from the Central Bank of Jordan.