Central banks and issuing authorities worldwide are showing increased interest in extending the life of their banknotes and lowering their issuing costs. Sustained cleanliness and functionality lessen the number of banknotes requiring replacement, and importantly preserve public trust in the world’s most widely used payment form. With even the smallest central banks issuing millions of banknotes per year, any incremental improvement in circulation life can translate into significant savings.

ENDURANCE, Crane Currency’s durable banknote paper, helps ensure that circulating banknotes retain the highly prized characteristics of new banknotes longer than those printed on conventional banknote paper. This results not only in a longer circulation life and lower issuing costs, but also in improvements to the banknote’s overall quality, functionality and security.

We base our production of ENDURANCE banknotes and paper on centuries of paper making knowledge. With a deep understanding of raw material selection and processing, Crane Currency builds a strong foundation of cotton fibers infused with AST, a chemical impregnation that provides additional physical strength and soil and moisture resistance.


• ENDURANCE durable paper and banknotes are a scientifically based solution and the result of years of research.
• The demonstrable improvements in performance are based on years of papermaking know-how and proprietary chemistries.
• ENDURANCE high durability paper saw its first use in 2006 by the Central Bank of Egypt Printing Works.
• Crane Currency’s Circulation Simulator has tested over 150 banknotes, from across the globe and from every major brand of durable banknote solutions
• Banknotes printed on ENDURANCE high durability paper are among the most durable banknotes tested by Crane Currency. 


ENDURANCE banknotes look and behave as banknotes printed on ordinary paper. The unique strength qualities of ENDURANCE banknotes go unnoticed by the public and therefore require no special and costly educational announcements. All necessary and desired security features are easily incorporated into ENDURANCE banknotes without special consideration or need of additional equipment or processing.

In comparison, plastic banknote substrates and recently innovated laminate substrates demand significantly more complex calculations of total cost of ownership. The initial purchase price of these exotic substrates is widely cited to cost at least twice that of conventional banknote paper. This cost increases as the additional processing steps, handling, and yield implications are included. Additionally, many of these products, including all polymer plastic banknotes require post-print varnishing in order to maintain adhesion between the plastic layer and print.


Crane Currency is a full-service partner assisting its customers with all aspects of banknote production from durable paper, security feature technology and production, banknote design services and printing. We know that each customer has unique needs and therefore work closely to find the most suitable solutions.

A durability investment starts with an analysis of the circulation environment, its ambient conditions, local customs, handling, etc. Clean banknote policy, the country’s distribution process and use of sorting machines are also an important part of the analysis.

Our centuries old papermaking knowledge is available for our customers and we invite them to our facilities for workshops and in-depth discussions around durability, security and total cost of ownership.


ENDURANCE banknotes resist dirt and moisture and maintain their physical integrity longer than conventional banknotes. This is due in part to AST, a polymeric chemical that enhances the cotton fiber matrix of creating a barrier to soiling agents and enhancing fiber-to-fiber bonding. AST is not applied to finished paper.

Many varnish solutions can crack when subjected to mechanical stress, contributing to fiber failure and providing openings for soil and grease to penetrate. In contrast, ENDURANCE durable paper impregnated with AST, has no layers that can break or separate. Developed by Crane Currency in 2003, AST continues its use in banknotes around the world.


• ENDURANCE paper is a highly engineered, homogenous fiber matrix that resists wear and soiling.
• Increases banknote durability and shows a clear cost benefit.
• Central banks around the world, in a variety of circulation environments, are using banknotes printed on ENDURANCE durable banknote paper with good results.
• Is compatible with all public security features including Crane Currency’s family of Micro-Optic features.


Durable banknote paper is in our DNA. From our very start, durability is a key attribute of what continues to distinguish Crane Currency from other suppliers. We produce durable banknotes that are built to last – remaining functional and secure even after heavy use.

Our banknote paper is made from a unique blend of renewable and long-lasting fibers sourced as by-products from the textile industry. Biodegradable and produced through a scientific and controlled process, our durable papers give banknotes a unique and authentic feel as well as a long life. 

We hope you enjoy this rare look into the processes we use to create banknote papers that achieve lifetimes that are two or three times that of banknotes printed on standard papers.