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Imagine creating engaging multicolor 3D animations on paper, allowing central banks around the world to increase the level of security and public trust in banknotes. That’s what we do at Crane Currency. We invite you to experience this stunning technology yourself. And meet our global team of experts in banknote design, micro-optic security, software development, paper manufacturing and modern banknote printing.   

5000 Som with RAPID HD Detect Completes Banknote Modernization

The National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic has introduced the new 5000 Som banknote to the public. This is the seventh and last banknote of the fifth series.

The 3D Design Journey Changing an Industry

Washington Egas – from Holograms to Micro-Optics. Not many 3D designers in the world have had the opportunity to change an entire industry.

The Jalisco House Note - A Showcase of Innovation and Creativity

When designing the recent Jalisco House Note, Banco de México took a non-traditional approach and invited the suppliers’ design experts to an onsite workshop.

Kyrgyz Som Sees Second Phase of Banknote Series Modernization

The National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic has issued three new denominations of its fifth banknote series – 20, 50 and 100 som. This is the second phase of modernizing the national currency which started in May 2023.


By offering customers the full range – from design to print – Crane Currency is unique. With our knowledge and control over the whole process, we advise and create the solutions that best meet the needs of central banks.

Banknote Security Reimagined

Crane Micro-Optics

Crane Currency’s micro-optic features are unique. Designed entirely for securing banknotes, the raw materials and production equipment used to produce our micro-optic features do not exist elsewhere.

Bank of Ghana

Modern banknote fundamentals

Crane Currency helped Bank of Ghana expertly add two new high denominations to its modern series

The Stars of Aruba

Humor and Public Interaction

An iconic banknote series popular with the public required modernization. The Centrale Bank van Aruba turned to Crane Currency.

Evaluating public reaction, security

New security features

The very first banknote with MOTION SURFACE® tested security, durability and public reaction.

Banknote design


Modern banknote design is indeed a job for the creative and skillful. Meet our designers and step into the world of banknote design.

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We use our expertise in making the world’s longest-lasting paper banknotes to create ENDURANCE® banknote paper.

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Crane Currency


We are dedicated to delivering high-quality, secure banknotes and providing exceptional service to central banks all over the world.

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Sustainability & Social Responsibility

At Crane Currency, our ambition is to go one step further and continuously improve. Our ESG Initiative is a systematic approach to support the communities in which we work and live and pursue systemic improvements in strategic areas such as water usage, energy savings, climate emissions and waste reduction.

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