The Global Expert in Banknote Security 

Crane Currency, a Crane Co. company, is a fully integrated supplier of secure, durable and well-designed banknotes for central banks all over the world. A pioneer in advanced micro-optics technology, Crane Currency provides a wide range of engaging visual effects in features that increase the level of security and public trust in banknotes. 


The Facts about Paper Banknotes

Almost all banknotes in circulation today are made of durable paper created from a blend of material such as cotton and linen. Some countries have experimented with making money out of plastic, but there are four key facts for why this hasn’t really taken off.


Design Services

The Fusion Between Art and Engineering

Crane’s micro-optics reward the slightest tilt with images that shoot across the feature, elements that morph into different forms and 3D visual cues so strong that it is hard to believe they’re just an illusion. Equal parts art and engineering, our designs are made to maximize public engagement and use.


Machine Readability

BEMs Speak for the Public

The combination of sister companies Crane Currency and Crane Payment Innovations results in a closeness between experts in designing banknotes and experts in authenticating banknotes at points of sale. This increases the utility and security of banknotes and thus the value to the central banks that issue them.


Sudan 1.000 Pound

Sudan Issues New 1.000 Pound Banknote with RAPID® Security Thread

The note is equipped with RAPID® – a 3D micro-optic security thread from Crane Currency as the primary security feature.