Machine Readability Without Compromise


Secure Machine Authentication

The addition of Detect to MOTION® Switch, RAPID® HD, RAPID® Vision and BREEZE® security threads is a natural complement to human authentication of banknotes. They build on a modern, IR-based approach for machine verification that takes banknote security to the next level.

Crane micro-optics with Detect represent a class of banknote security feature that delivers compelling solutions for central banks. They simultaneously provide the public with the highest level of overt, customizable security, and banknote equipment manufacturers (BEMs) with cost-effective and highly secure machine authentication. 

Detect machine-readable products are an extension of Crane Currency’s award-winning micro-optic technology. Developed jointly with Crane Payment Innovations (CPI), a world leader in automated cash acceptance, Detect is an invisible, highly secure material that can be verified in high speed sorters at the central bank to validators used at retail points-of-sale. 

Security Invisible to the Counterfeiter

The transparent structure of Crane micro-optics combined with Detect machine-readable material creates a wholly new category of public-machine security. MOTION, RAPID HD and BREEZE with Detect use secure materials available only to the currency industry. These materials are invisible and do not alter the appearance of the thread or its customized visual effects. 

Detect uses a modern, IR-based approach for machine verification that looks for data outside of the range of human vision. This is the experts’ proposed route for future development – moving away from magnetic detectors and increasingly using visible and near infrared sensors. 


Banknote equipment manufacturers (BEMs) face a daily challenge to accept 100 percent of genuine banknotes and to reject all counterfeits. 

Developed with CPI, the world’s leading currency validator, Detect make this process easier by using material properties that are detected and authenticated quickly and with sensors that do not come in contact the banknote.

  • These sensors transmit and detect in the near-IR and are widely used
  • They are robust, long-lived, less costly and more secure than magnetic sensors
  • Their wide use means higher overall banknote security for the central bank, commercial banks, public and businesses.

MOTION, RAPID HD and BREEZE with Detect are compatible with numerous types of BEMs and detectable by a large, installed base of cash processing equipment. 

The IR-based secure material also guarantees future compatibility, and it is the dominant sensing method for most BEMs. Magnetic material is quickly falling out of use, especially in ATMs, cash acceptance terminals and automated POS systems, and IR-based secure material help guarantee future compatibility. 

Detect and Crane Micro-Optics 

Crane micro-optics with Detect are a highly secure combination of an IR ‘light’ or transparent feature (the micro-optics) hiding an IR ‘dark’ material. It is this unexpected combination – invisible to the eye and visible in IR – that underpins its security and novelty. In contrast, metallized, color-shift films are opaque and IR dark, material properties easily simulated by the knowledgeable counterfeiter. 

High Durability Lowers the Cost 

The machine-detectable and secure material in MOTION, RAPID HD & BREEZE with Detect is integral to the feature and cannot be removed. The result is a very high tolerance to soiling which increases the lifespan and lowers the overall cost for the issuer. 

Since the security materials remain functional throughout the entire lifetime of the banknote, they are fully detectable even in very worn out and soiled banknotes.