Banknote Printing at Ħal Far, Malta

The Most Modern Printing Facility

Printing banknotes requires highly specialized equipment and materials from a few specialty producers. However, the key to successful production of modern banknotes is experience, skill, and continuous improvement. 
Our printing facility in Ħal Far, Malta, is the first commercial banknote printing plant to be built in decades. Its strategic location within the European Union, near Africa, the Middle East, and Asia, is ideal. 
As banknotes evolve from simple ink on paper to advanced security features like Crane micro-optics and highly engineered substrates, printing works must adapt. Crane Currency Malta incorporates the latest technology and layout to meet these needs. 

Customized and Secure Banknotes

Opened in February 2018, our 14,000 square meter (150,000 square foot) facility uses the most modern and energy-efficient equipment to produce secure and customized banknotes supporting the most demanding customer requirements.  

Initially, our 200 employees had an average of 19 years of experience in banknote printing. Now, the team has grown to about 400 experts in design, printing, and production. 

Our state-of-the-art facility can print on various materials, including laminate, polymer, and cotton paper. We use advanced screen-printing technology for optically variable effects and registered MOTION SURFACE® stripe application. 


We base our operations on the Crane Business System, a continuous improvement program that prioritizes security and safety for employees, customers, and the community. Quality is another key focus, ensuring we produce error-free and waste-free products. 

We aim to deliver products that central banks rely on, ensuring economic stability. By meeting these standards, Crane Currency supports ongoing investments in people, innovation, and new technologies – aiming to be a preferred partner for central banks worldwide for decades to come.