The Secret Behind Your Banknotes

Why Paper Money is Here to Stay

Even though we live in a digital age where card and mobile payments are booming, cash remains a crucial part of the global economy. Billions of people worldwide rely on and chose to use cash for everyday transactions. And, an increasing number of governments and central banks are moving to protect the use of cash. This makes durable and reliable banknotes essential.

What Makes Paper Banknotes Special? 

Many don’t realize that most central banks issue banknotes printed on durable paper made of cotton collected from the textile industry. Cotton fibers too short to be spun into threads are the primary source of material used to produce banknote paper. Intriguingly, the resilience of this agricultural by-product continues to adapt to meet the needs of the modern banknote:  

  • Hard to Fake: Banknote paper includes the most popular of all security features, watermarks  
  • Durable: Did your banknote go through the laundry? No problem.
  • Eco-Friendly: Over 95% of a banknote is biodegradable cotton
  • Cost-Effective: Paper banknotes  

Read more facts about paper money here. 

For Highest Value


To keep cash in circulation longer and reduce costs, central banks are turning to innovative solutions like Crane Currency’s ENDURANCE durable paper. This special paper keeps your banknotes cleaner and more functional for longer, which means notes need replacing less often while the public enjoys cleaner cash.

How It Works

We use our expertise in making the world’s longest-lasting paper banknotes to create ENDURANCE banknote paper. ENDURANCE uses a reinforced cotton fiber matrix having exceptional mechanical strength. To this 100% cotton fiber matrix, Crane Currency adds a proprietary AST® surface sizing. AST impregnates the paper improving printability and ink durability, boosting mechanical strength and acts as a barrier to soiling and moisture. 


  • Two decades of proven performance in circulation  

  • An improvement that is invisible to the public, with no impact on watermark quality or security feature performance 

  • Excellent press-room performance  

  • Proven to be among the most durable paper banknotes available 

Cost and Convenience 

ENDURANCE banknotes look and feel like regular paper money but are much tougher. They don’t require public education campaigns, unlike plastic banknotes, which are more expensive to produce, and require extensive information campaigns and expensive cash machine adjustment. 

Collaborating for Better Banknotes

Crane Currency isn’t just about selling durable paper. We offer workshops and deep-dive discussions for our customers, sharing extensive knowledge on durability, security, and cost management. 

Why Choose ENDURANCE Paper?

  • It’s a high-tech blend of natural fibers that is compostable
  • It increases the lifespan of banknotes, providing clear cost benefits
  • It’s proven, and used successful by central banks around the world
  • It works seamlessly with all public security features, including MOTION®, and all types of RAPID® and BREEZE® security threads.