Intuitive High-Contrast Color Movement


Crane Currency has presented RAPID® Vision, an innovative micro-optic security thread for banknotes that brings high-contrast color movement to a new level. 

Best banknote thread in the world


RAPID Vision is the best banknote security thread yet developed anywhere in the world. It delivers customized, fluid, fast-moving, multicolor movement that catches the eye, allowing anyone to instantly authenticate a banknote as genuine. It is an intelligent security solution given its ability to address the many needs of modern banknotes – both for the public and machines with the use of Crane’s Detect technology for high security machine-readability.  


Professor Jane Raymond, CEO of Secure Perception Research, has conducted a public perception study assessing the particular trigger features used in RAPID Vision.   

“The study showed that the addition of color movement effects allowed the public to more quickly verify the feature and without any loss of accuracy. Highly accurate verification was achieved in fractions of a second,” says Jane Raymond. 

Facts About RAPID Vision

  • Micro-optic windowed security thread, 4 – 6 mm wide   
  • High-speed moving color effects that are bold and beautiful   
  • Real time synchronization of color and movement; never before seen   
  • Fully customizable color, movement and graphic combinations   
  • Like RAPID® HD, RAPID Vision is highly durable and virtually impervious to soiling  
  • RAPID Vision Detect provides high security machine-readability  


Crane’s micro-optic features are unique in that the complexity of their production is hidden. RAPID Vision is designed and manufactured using exclusive, proprietary tools and techniques, making it the most counterfeit-proof banknote technology in the world. 

The demand for new security threads has increased over the years. Bright, attractive features that are dynamic enough to be verified quickly and in different lighting conditions are highly sought. 

Traditional solutions were shiny foils and metallic inks. However, counterfeiters are accessing commercial materials that can simulate these features. RAPID Vision provides central banks with a solution that provides stable, high-contrast color movements that do not exist elsewhere.  

RAPID Vision exhibits real time color effects that perfectly synchronize colors and movement. The combination has never been achieved before and represents a step-change advancement in security for banknotes, raising the bar even higher for would be counterfeiters.   


Crane Currency’s micro-optic design software leverages two decades of software development to deliver a transparent and linear creation process. Customization of RAPID Vision uses the same process that dozens of central banks around the world have used for over a decade to create MOTION® and RAPID® security threads.  

From initial customer concepts to digitization, sample prototyping, and scaled production, central bank input is kept at the center of the feature’s customization. The result is a transparent, predictable process that harmonizes feature customization with the design of the banknote.    

Crane has advanced its digital design process to keep pace with RAPID Vision, so central banks can immediately start experimenting with its new color movement effects exactly as before. In spite of the increased complexity of the technology behind RAPID Vision, the customization process is just as straightforward and enjoyable as with other micro-optic security features. 

RAPID® Vision

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