Reimagining Banknote Security


MOTION SURFACE® is a highly customizable and unique security feature that provides endless opportunities to engage the public by bringing to life the security and value of a banknote.


MOTION SURFACE discourages counterfeiting in two ways. First, it is easy to use. It provides the public with an easy to verify element that is an integral part of the banknote’s identity. MOTION SURFACE images are not two-dimensional – they have depth, a past and a personality that can tell a story in a glance. 

Second, it is very secure. Like our other Crane micro-optic products, MOTION SURFACE has a technological foundation that provides no easy starting point for the potential counterfeiter. Unlike holograms, the lenses and ultra-micro printing used to produce MOTION SURFACE have no counterparts in other industries. 


MOTION SURFACE is marked by an assembly of individual customized visual effects. It provides designers with a wide range of visual effects to build an identity aimed at maximum public recognition.  

It can create some of the strongest three-dimensional visual cues in the industry giving an impression of floating images that have the power to surprise and delight, and give life to symbols and objects that can appear to come right out of the banknote! 

The feature can be applied to cotton papers, laminates and polymer substrates.   


  • Display technology that projects one or more highly secure, visual effects
  • Miniaturized MOTION micro-optics provide astonishing effects including fluid movement and three-dimensionality
  • Applied in the printing works
  • Unparalleled ability to integrate and create
  • No shiny metallized appearance
  • Supports forensic features traceable only by law enforcement or the central bank

Engaging Visual effects


  • A “water droplet” seems to rest on the surface of the banknote 

  • Transparent “objects” appear to bend and distort light 

  • Three dimensionality rewards viewers with changes of size and acceleration 

  • Shading adds further dimensionality and mood 

  • Scientifically proven to be easy to authenticate at a glance 


  • High contrast movement along visual pathways makes authentication easy and creates dynamic designs 


  • Objects seem to be below the surface of the banknote
  • Combines well with other effects


  • Highly controlled switch between appearance and disappearance  

  • Allows highly detailed imagery such as engraved portraits 

Collaborative Design 

Creating a banknote with MOTION SURFACE security features is a process of collaborative design. The creative opportunities are endless, providing completely new ways to communicate cultural stories and build public trust. Our Design Team is working closely with issuers, banknote producers and other partners around the world to best leverage the potential of MOTION SURFACE. 

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