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World's First MOTION SURFACE® Banknote

25 Years of Independence

November 17, 2017, was a historic day for the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic. In honor of the 25 Year Anniversary of the Independence of the Kyrgyz Republic, 25 Year Anniversary of the creation of the Kyrgyz National Bank and 25 Year Anniversary of the establishment of its national currency, the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic celebrates these three historical events by presenting something totally new and innovative to the public.

The result was the 2000 Som – the first commemorative banknote in the nation’s history. A banknote of striking beauty and captivating, native design, the 2000 Som is also the very first banknote with Crane Currency’s MOTION SURFACE®.


“This commemorative banknote is very important for us and it is an opportunity to introduce Kyrgyzstan to the rest of the world. The new banknote is our history and shows who we are and where our nation is going”, says Tolkunbek Abdygulov, Governor of the Kyrgyz National Bank.

The banknote depicts growth of the Kyrgyz nation from ancient times to the present day. The main plot of the design is the monument of the national hero “Manas” who united the Kyrgyz tribes and the quote from the epos of “Manas” that says:

“From little chicks I grow great eagles and the disparate tribes
I united into the Kyrgyz people”

–The national hero “Manas”


The new banknote is primarily intended as a tribute to the nation’s history and progress. In the form of a high value banknote, that honor is communicated publicly, tangibly and attractively. The design is modern but evocative of Kyrgyz history. It is the first time a banknote has the denomination of 2000 Som.

Launching a complex commemorative banknote with totally new security features takes time, courage and thoughtful decision-making in order to realize a vision shared between many parties. The idea to produce a totally innovative banknote was taken after a thorough internal review of available suppliers and security features.

Dana Saifullina, Head of Expert Division of the Kyrgyz National Bank, explains why the central bank decided to use MOTION SURFACE.

“This is a special note and MOTION SURFACE is a very special feature. Our first impression of its effects was extremely good since the images are very bright and you see all effects directly. It is also possible to include in one MOTION SURFACE feature many, very different visual effects to prevent counterfeiting.


The 2000 Som banknote is designed to be aesthetically pleasant and welcoming and achieves this result through the selection of soft pastel colors. Distinctive patterns are very important in Kyrgyzstan with each pattern of different shapes belonging to different parts of the country. The artistry of these patterns is well suited to the modern offset printing presses used by Crane Currency.
“This was our first project together with Crane Currency and we are happy with the cooperation. When selecting a supplier in our industry, you must go beyond a traditional business relationship and create a good, warm and friendly relationship. From the first moment, it was very easy to communicate with Crane Currency’s design team and to see the initial design ideas come to life”, says Medina Ashyralieva, Head of Cash Management Department of the Kyrgyz National Bank.


MOTION SURFACE is a new micro-optics security feature applied in the printing works. It provides opportunities for never before seen visual effect that engage the public and prevent counterfeiting by bringing to life the security and value of a banknote.

MOTION SURFACE produces a variety of stunning three-dimensional effects which appeal to the public and excite the creative instincts of banknote designers:

  • Topo (topographic) effect on the 2000 Som banknote shows a “water droplet” that seems to rest on the surface of the banknote – the patterns beneath it change size and acceleration when tilted
  • Deep effect shows text that appears to be below the surface of the banknote
  • Shimmer effect provides fluid movement inside the birds and the pulsing rays of the sun

A KINEGRAM COLOR® patch changes the figure “25” to the Kyrgyz national pattern. This security feature incorporates diffractive elements in different colors within a partially demetallized foil. This means that the public sees the KINEGRAM image in multiple colors.
The 2000 Som banknote also contains other eye-catching security features:

  • An iridescent stripe allows two-color birds to stand out from the background
  • A latent image makes rainbow colors visible when the note is tilted


Beauty in the Details

The 2000 Som banknote includes a wide variety of detailed symbols of the Kyrgyz people and the country’s beautiful and wild nature. By reading it from the bottom to the top, the banknote also tells the history – from ancient times to the modern Kyrgyzstan of today.

On the front of the note is the monument of “Manas”, centrally located in the Ala-Too Square in the capital city Bishkek. Manas is the national hero who united the Kyrgyz tribes, represented as stylized patterns. He is depicted on horseback in a tactile high relief engraving. The symbol of “Umay Ene” shows the ancient goddess of fertility and a predecessor of the Turkic peoples.

The back of the note shows a tree, symbolizing life and prosperity. In the background, the majestic “Khan-Tengri” mountain represents the nation’s independent spirit and the soaring golden eagle against the background of the unique mountain lake “Issyk-Kul” communicates openness and freedom.