As an investment whose effectiveness is measured in years, new banknote designs require state-of-the-art counterfeit deterrent technology.

Never Counterfeited

Crane Currency’s micro-optic features are unique. Designed entirely for securing banknotes, the raw materials and production equipment used to produce our micro-optic features do not exist elsewhere. This means that a would-be counterfeiter has no starting point, no commercial materials available to simulate the feature credibly.

Crane Currency’s micro-optic technology is produced via a system of skilled scientists, engineers, and technicians paired with specialized production equipment of their own design.

These secret, purpose-built processes produce billions of lenses per minute. Each lens shaped specifically to focus on an even smaller, customized icon below it. Unvarying separation and angular control over these components ensure focus and legibility.

The result is an optical system that achieves what the security feature industry has sought for decades, distinctive image animation and fluid movement.

Stunning and Eye-Catching Technology

Micro-optics provide eye-catching images. The goal is to produce a banknote that people can recognize immediately as genuine. Studies show that a central bank’s investment in public education produces an increase in knowledge of a banknote’s security features, but only for as long as the educational investment continues. Great banknote designs, on the other hand, are highly intuitive and self-advertise their value and authenticity.

The images on MOTION® move in counter-intuitive directions when the banknote is tilted, making it ideal for quick verification and public engagement. MOTION Switch is an evolution of MOTION that uses two images that change from one to the other and back again. RAPID® HD uses smaller, encapsulated lenses making it especially well-suited for high volume transaction notes. The images are highly customizable, move more quickly and require less tilting. MOTION SURFACE®, a security feature that is applied in the printing works, has a highly customizable display area that brings images to life with stunning three-dimensional effects. 

Machine Readable Security Features

MOTION®, RAPID® HD and BREEZE® with Detect are a natural complement to human authentication of banknotes. They build on a modern, IR-based approach for machine verification that takes banknote security to the next level.

The Future of Micro-Optics

Crane Currency is in a very strong position with its micro-optics technology and design offerings.
So far, we have introduced the first micro-optic security products and more are being developed by our R&D and Design Departments. With new forms and integration methods in the works, even more stunning visual effects will be used in the future. Such developments will enable banknote designs that remain years ahead of the counterfeiting threat.