MOTION was the first micro-optic solution ever used in banknotes, creating an entirely new type of security feature. Since its first use, MOTION has been issued around the world as a premium security feature.

MOTION is woven into the paper and the moving images are framed within rectangular windows of the banknote, appearing and disappearing from the center of the substrate.

The image you see when you tilt the banknote is actually smaller than any micro-print. The secret is that MOTION has a micro-optic lens array that makes the image below it appear hundreds of times larger than its actual size. The technology also allows the images and unique movement to be visible in any light.

Exciting visual effects

MOTION Switch is an evolution of MOTION that let allows the creation of an exciting visual effect from two images. When the note is tilted, the icons switch and move perpendicularly at the same time.

MOTION and MOTION Switch can be augmented with UV fluorescence and micro-text.

Good designs make things even more difficult for counterfeiters and MOTION enables the combination of security print, micro-optics and substrate to work together. Security printing on the reverse of the banknote can deliver complementary effects when viewing MOTION in transmitted light.

The 2000 South Korean won commemorative with MOTION Switch was issued in honor of the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games.