7th November 2019

Lebanon Issues Updated 20,000 Pound Note Featuring RAPID® Detect


The updated 20,000 pound banknote issued by the Banque du Liban, is the first banknote to feature RAPID® Detect, a machine-readable version of the RAPID security feature from Crane Currency. RAPID Detect provides a modern, infrared (IR)-based approach for machine verification that takes banknote security to the next level.

IR detection is widely used by a majority of banknote equipment manufacturers, from low cost banknote acceptors to high-speed central bank sorting equipment.

The new 20,000 note will co-circulate with the 20,000 pound note that was issued in 2012 which features Crane Currency’s MOTION® security thread.

The development team at Crane Currency worked closely with Crane Payment Innovations, a world leader in automated cash acceptance machines, to develop RAPID Detect and MOTION Detect. Adding machine readability to our micro-optic based security threads provides a compelling solution for central banks that further strengthens the security of cash.


Click here to learn more about RAPID Detect and MOTION Detect.