14th November 2019

Norway Issues New NOK 1000 Banknote with RAPID® Security Thread


The Norwegian central bank caps off the issue of its new banknote series with issuance of the NOK 1000 banknote on 14 November 2019. The banknote series which uses the sea as its design theme has been widely lauded for its creativity and security. A key public feature securing the new banknotes is a RAPID® security thread designed as an anchor chain that moves up and down as the banknote is tilted. The feature is supplied by Crane Currency.

The new banknotes without portraits are a first of its kind for Norway. The primary motifs replacing human portraits are those linked to the theme, the sea.  In the case of the NOK 1000 banknote, a crashing wave is its central motif, signifying a “driving force” carrying the Scandinavian nation forward.

Leif Veggum, Chief Cashier at Norges Bank, stated that the sea is a versatile and meaningful theme for Norway’s banknotes which he regards as not only the nation’s currency, but its calling card. The sea has historically and will continue to provide, connect, challenge and inspire the nation, and provided designers of the series with a wealth of visual elements suitable for the new series.


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