RAPID is the result of continuous technology development and gives additional optical effects and high durability. As with all micro-optic features, these effects inspire people to closely examine and authenticate the banknote.

RAPID uses dynamic movement as the key to easy authentication. Fast moving and unambiguous movement with just a modest tilt of the note are the feature’s trademark. A RAPID note will easily catch the user’s attention even when it is tilted quickly – and under any lighting conditions.

Soil resistant and durable

As with MOTION®, RAPID is woven into the paper. The difference is RAPID uses a sealed lens array which allows the use of both top side adhesives and varnish. This allows the banknote with RAPID to be highly suitable for use in harsh circulation environments and in lower denomination, high volume transactional notes.

RAPID design possibilities are practically endless. It is possible to create patterns that move opposite to one another in a quick and reflexive manner. Numbers, letters, images, and a variety of colors are all possible with RAPID making each application unique but simple for the public to authenticate.

A banknote with RAPID may also include additional security features such as UV fluorescence, micro-text and forensic elements.