A Vision of Security: Kazakhstan Previews a New Banknote

The new Kazakhstan 5000 SomNovember 15, Astana – On the occasion of the XI Financial Congress dedicated to the 30th year anniversary of its national currency, the National Bank of Kazakhstan provided a sneak preview of its new series of banknotes and coins.  

With an eye on issuing the first banknote of the series, the 5000 tenge before the end of the year, the National Bank provided a glimpse to the many central bank governors, government ministers and industry leaders of its vision of modern banknote security.   

The new series is visually united by “Saka style” imagery that communicates the unique heritage of Kazakhstan.  A centerpiece of the event was the debut of a video that visually communicates a modern and proud national identity through the new banknote series, set against the rugged and expansive beauty of the nation’s landscape. Viewers will be impressed by the graphic designs which continue to communicate imagery that is unmistakably Kazakh, while looking novel and modern. 

Those wanting to see more of the new banknotes more closely can view another video. Those sharp-eyed enough may be able to identify in the designs some of the industry’s most recent security feature innovations.     

Look for additional information on the new Kazakh series of banknotes in an upcoming issue of the Crane Currency Newsletter.   

A snippet from the National Bank of Kazakhstan's video