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Modern Banknote Design


See yourself holding a piece of art in your hand every time you pay for something with cash. That’s what modern banknote design is all about. Most of us don’t give much thought to the intricacies of banknotes, but a closer look reveals a fascinating world of security technology that turns simple paper into a trusted and modern means of payment. 

At Crane Currency, we don’t just design banknotes; we create intricate masterpieces for central banks worldwide. This involves a holistic design approach that builds long-term partnerships and fosters a collaborative ecosystem of experts. 

Global Team of Design Experts 

Our talented team, stationed across Sweden, Malta, and the United States, brings together specialists in micro-optic design, banknote design, and technical design. From detailed drawings and 3D animations to sophisticated graphics, typography and technical production, our experts excel in their fields. Modern banknotes require more than just artistic talent, but a blend of engineering, mathematics, digital skills, and the ability to think in three dimensions. 

“Our strategy is always to reduce the risk for the central banks and at the same time deliver products of the highest quality and aesthetics.”

Yadira Sierra

Vice President, Global Design, Crane Currency

Our team is celebrated for crafting banknotes that are not only visually stunning but also protected with security features that evolve to meet the modern banknote demands for public engagement, durability, and security. 

Long-Term Partnerships in Design 

Our mission is to create banknotes that meet our customers’ unique needs. Whether it’s enhancing the security of a single note or designing an entire new series, we engage in transparent, pragmatic, and dynamic partnerships.  

This includes managing critical specifications, budgets, and lifetime costs to ensure efficient and effective design outcomes. 

Simplicity and Sustainability 

In a world where banknotes are becoming increasingly complex, we strive for simplicity and sustainability. This means designing cost-effective banknotes that avoid unnecessary waste and use sustainable raw materials. 

Simplicity also helps in selecting the right security features to prevent public confusion. Since the public is the first line of defense against counterfeiting, they need to be able to evaluate and authenticate the banknotes in a glance of a second. 

New Design or Security Upgrade ?

The Crane design team is happiest when helping central banks to make the decisions which bring them the greatest value. Banknote designers love to celebrate the creation of an entirely new series of banknotes, but that isn’t always needed. In many cases, our design team will recommend upgrading a banknote, rather than designing an entirely new series. This can be an economical and effective option that provides needed public and machine-security enhancements.  

We are also supporting our customers with communication campaigns. Having a clear message helps the central banks to introduce new or upgraded banknotes to the public. 

Always on the lookout

At Crane Currency, we have a vast knowledge base built over decades – and we are always on the lookout for new talent to join our ranks.