The Bahamas - 50 Dollar Technical Award Nomination

Crane Currency congratulates the Central Bank of The Bahamas to the 2020 IACA Technical Award nomination for their 50 dollar banknote issued in late 2019.

Crane Currency is very proud and honoured of supplying the RAPID® security thread and the good collaboration with the Central Bank of The Bahamas, Canadian Bank Note Company and Landqart.

“We became enchanted with some of the micro-optic technology from Crane. We couldn’t be happier with the result – and the public seems to be very fond of the note”, said Derek Rolle, Deputy Governor at the Central Bank of The Bahamas.

“There is an ongoing trend to use wider MOTION® and RAPID security threads in longer windows to further improve security and ease of use. And in this case, Bahamas moves the bar even higher,” said Michael Saunders, Regional Sales Director at Crane Currency.

Please enjoy the words of Mr Derek Rolle and watch the beautifully secure banknote in the nomination video.