The Intelligent Evolution House Note by Crane Currency


Karin Mörck-Hamilton

To showcase the new feature and customization process of RAPID® Vision, Crane Currency has produced the “Intelligent Evolution” house note. With a giant Pacific octopus as its portrait, the note speaks to purposive beauty and adaptation.  

“Survivability in nature as in security is dependent on evolution and adaptation to change,” commented Karin Mörck-Hamilton, Head of Global Design at Crane Currency, and who unveiled the house note and RAPID Vision at the Public First event in Malta.

“The way we use cash today has changed greatly, even since our introduction of RAPID, but the nature of banknote security has not. We are designing secure and beautiful products that are functional, and that means staying ahead of the counterfeiter. Their tools and resources are exceeded only by their ingenuity. As a result, many security features are facing extinction, while I see RAPID Vision as an evolutionary step, ensuring survival,” continued Mörck-Hamilton.  



Intelligent Evolution House Note – The Idea Behind the Concept 

The theory of evolution dictates that DNA providing the best survival attributes are copied and passed to the next generation creating stronger more adaptive species. The octopus does not care about such theories but is one of world’s best examples of intelligent evolution. With its origins as a simple clam, octopuses have evolved into one of Earth’s most specialized and intelligent creatures. 

RAPID Vision has evolved in a similar way. The new attributes of RAPID Vision have not been copied from older generations of security threads. Its Intelligent Evolution is brand new creating stronger and better security for the future. 

Like the octopus, RAPID Vision has a specialized survival skill – an ability to change appearance with color movement effects that are extremely intelligent and offer the highest protection against predators, especially counterfeiters. 

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