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Crane Currency awarded for Malta Solar Farm

In a groundbreaking stride towards sustainable energy solutions, Crane Currency’s pioneering solar farm in Malta has not only redefined the Maltese landscape of renewable energy but has also secured recognition for its exceptional commitment to sustainability.  

The MEEA awardShortlisted by the Energy and Water Agency and Chamber of Engineers for the Malta Engineering Excellence Awards (MEEA), Crane Currency’s semi-autonomous cleaning systems clinched the prestigious first place in the 2023 Sustainability category, marking a remarkable achievement in the realm of innovative environmental initiatives. 

A year ago, Crane Currency made an unequivocal commitment to environmental stewardship by investing €1 million in a solar farm installation atop its banknote printing plant in Hal Far, Malta. Spanning an impressive 6,500 square meters, these solar panels have surpassed their estimated energy generation, producing an astounding 1,620,093 kWh in their inaugural year of operation, a remarkable 6.7% increase over the target of 1,519,000 kWh. 

What sets this solar farm apart is not only its scale but also its integration of cutting-edge technology. The incorporation of semi-autonomous cleaning systems, or cobots, within the farm’s infrastructure is a testament to Crane Currency’s pursuit of innovation in sustainability. These cobots, remarkably efficient in their operation, consume a mere 2 cubic meters of water for a comprehensive wash of 1,710 photovoltaic panels, ensuring maximum energy efficiency and output. 


Sam Keayes, President, Crane Currency, articulated the company’s dedication to reducing its environmental impact. “Crane Currency is constantly seeking ways to reduce our impact on the environment. Our pioneering solar farm stands showcases the harmonious integration of technology and sustainability, setting a new standard for environmentally conscious practices in the realm of renewable energy. As the world continues to grapple with the challenges of climate change, initiatives like these serve as examples of how industry leaders can proactively address these challenges while contributing positively to the planet.”  

The success of this solar farm not only lies in its immediate impact but also in its potential to serve as a blueprint for future sustainable projects. Representing the first of its kind implemented within Crane NXT, this solar PV farm stands as a model for accelerating the implementation of similar environmentally conscious initiatives worldwide. This achievement is part of Crane Currency’s larger commitment to environmental sustainability.


Paul Fenech holding the MEEA award
Paul Fenech, Engineering and Reliability Director, Crane Currency Malta.