National Bank of Kazakhstan – a Vision of Security, Efficiency and Progress

In November 2023, the National Bank of Kazakhstan unveiled a new series of six banknotes, ranging from 500 to 20,000 tenge. Drawing inspiration from the Saka style, known for its distinctive motifs and patterns found in archaeological artifacts and artworks of the Saka culture, the 5,000 tenge denomination was introduced into circulation in December 2023 having new and advanced security features.

Notably, the 5,000 tenge banknote boasts two global firsts: an optically variable RollingStar® patch from G+D and a RAPID® Vision multicolor micro-optic security thread from Crane Currency.

These new features have been included in a new banknote design of a reduced size to not only enhance security but also production efficiency and reduced environmental impacts.

Blending Cutting-Edge Security with Traditional Printing

The 5,000 tenge incorporates cutting-edge technologies in banknote manufacturing, seamlessly blending the latest security elements with traditional methods such as offset and high relief intaglio printing.