New MOTION SURFACE® Secures It All

Crane Micro-Optics is Now Available for All Banknote Substrates, Including Polymer

During last month’s Global Currency Forum, Crane Currency unveiled that MOTION SURFACE® is now available for all banknote substrates, including polymer. Crane’s MOTION® micro-optics have an unrivalled record of performance in protecting some of the world’s most valuable banknotes – and is scientifically proven to enable banknotes to be authenticated by the public’s untrained eye within a fraction of a second. The new MOTION SURFACE on polymer underscores Crane’s commitment to customer choice.

The new MOTION SURFACE was introduced on the Pinball Note, the first polymer house note from Crane Currency. Like all Crane house notes, the Pinball Note demonstrates Crane’s commitment to skills development, banknote design and research and development.

Adapting Crane’s proven 3D technology to an additional banknote substrate while ensuring the same high-level of security was led by Crane Currency’s Design Team.


Skill over Luck, Talent over Chance

It takes skill to beat counterfeiters and banknote security cannot be left to chance. The number of security features for polymer banknotes has always been limited.

Today, printing white ink on plastic is becoming easier, and counterfeiters can obtain highly deceptive diffractive and iridescent features via social media. Crane’s micro-optics engineered for polymer get ahead of these fast-emerging threats. The new MOTION SURFACE secures all banknotes with customized visual effects that quickly communicate authenticity and make public instruction easier.


Gamification Improves Public Education

Educating the public on how to authenticate banknotes is a challenge. New MOTION SURFACE improves public education using gamification to make banknote validation easy and fun. Strong three-dimensional effects promote interaction and curiosity, while high-speed movement rewards the public for looking precisely at the banknote’s most secure effects.


The Pinball Note uses a 12 mm wide MOTION SURFACE® micro-optic stripe designed to secure polymer banknotes.
The Pinball Note uses a 12 mm wide MOTION SURFACE® micro-optic stripe designed to secure polymer banknotes.