The Central Bank of Peru Issues New 200 Soles Banknote with RAPID® Detect

The Central Bank of Peru (El Banco Central de Reserva del Perú) has issued a new 200 Soles banknote into circulation. The new banknote, the highest denomination in the series, completes the modernization of the banknote family and is protected by a 4-millimeter RAPID® Detect, machine-readable micro-optic security thread from Crane Currency.

The new 200 Soles banknote will circulate simultaneously with the previous series of 200 soles, those being protected by a MOTION® micro-optic security thread since 2009. It follows the presentation of a new 50 Soles banknote in 2022, which is also protected by RAPID Detect.

The Bank decided to equip the new note with RAPID, an advanced micro-optic security thread from Crane Currency that provides eye-catching moving images and animations. When the banknote is tilted, the Andean cross on the RAPID thread expands and contracts.


The 200 Soles watermark
The 200 Soles watermark

The new banknote features a unique machine-readable component. The secure IR properties of RAPID Detect are invisible to the eye but easily verified by banknote processing equipment used throughout the cash processing ecosystem – from high-speed sorters to bill validators and acceptors.  These invisible, machine-readable properties are especially advantageous given the thread’s position adjacent to the banknote’s complex watermark. Verification of the watermark by the public allows for a simultaneous check of the RAPID thread’s eye-catching visual effects that are set against a fully transparent background.

The obverse of 200 Soles banknote features the Peruvian painter and engraver Tilsa Tsuchiya. The reverse of the banknote utilizes images of the Andean cock-of-the-rock or tunki, Peru’s national bird, and the flower Bella Abanquina, the subject’s vibrant colors framed in a counter-intuitive vertical format.

For an intriguing and in-depth review of the new 200 Soles banknote, we recommend the RPP interview with the Central Bank of Peru’s longtime expert and Currency Analysis Specialist, Abraham Eduardo de la Melena Ruiz who provides an excellent overview of the new banknote’s security features (in Spanish).

Click here for more information about the new Peru 200 Soles banknote (in Spanish).


The Peru 200 and 50 Soles