Central Bank of Morocco Issues New 200 Dirhams Banknote with RAPID® HD

Bank Al-Maghrib (the Central Bank of Morocco) has released a new 200 Dirhams banknote, its highest circulating denomination. It is equipped with the latest banknote security features, including RAPID® HD, a 5 mm wide micro-optic security thread with dynamic 3D effects from Crane Currency.

The theme of the new note shows the economic and industrial development under King Mohammed VI. It also coincides with the Kingdom’s 80th Proclamation of Independence (1944).

The Morocco 200 Dirhams is colored in shades of blue, yellow and orange. The front of the banknote features a portrait of his majesty King Mohammed VI and the coat of arms of Morocco. In the center is an image of the Mohammed VI cable-stayed bridge. The reverse side shows a stylized image of Mohammed VI Tower and the Marrakech-Menara International Airport, as well as designs symbolizing the development of industry and digital technology in Morocco.


The new banknote incorporates the most advanced technologies in terms of security features, such as RAPID HD from Crane Currency. Bank Al-Maghrib was an early adopter of Crane micro-optics, specifying MOTION® in the previous series of 200 Dirhams banknote in 2011.  Bank Al-Maghrib and its dedicated banknote printing works Dar As-Sikkah often partner to evaluate novel substrate and security feature integrations. Bank Al-Maghrib was the first central bank to issue a banknote on Landqart’s Durasafe® paper-polymer-paper substrate, a 25-dirham commemorative note in 2013 ahead of its use by the Swiss National Bank and Central Bank of The Bahamas.

In March, the new 200 Dirhams and 100 Dirhams banknotes claimed a top industry prize, winning Best New Banknote at the 2024 Regional Banknote and ID Document Awards during the HSP Conference, Sofia, Bulgaria.

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