Design, Paper Making and Printing


Crane Currency is a modern, technology-based banknote manufacturer with clients all over the world.


Our products include MOTION® micro-optics, a series of advanced security features with eye-catching and state-of-the-art counterfeit deterrent technology. ENDURANCE™ is our solution for the extending the life of the banknotes and lowering their issuing costs with AST® – our unique anti-soiling technology.

Our design team consists of highly skilled craftsmen and experts in both artistic and technical design. They work closely with our Research & Development team, developing new stunning security features based on proprietary software and advanced algorithms.

Banknote Security Reimagined

Crane Micro-Optics

Crane Currency’s micro-optic features are unique. Designed entirely for securing banknotes, the raw materials and production equipment used to produce our micro-optic features do not exist elsewhere.

Bank of Ghana

Modern banknote fundamentals

Crane Currency helped Bank of Ghana expertly add two new high denominations to its modern series

The Stars of Aruba

Humor and Public Interaction

An iconic banknote series popular with the public required modernization. The Centrale Bank van Aruba turned to Crane Currency.

Evaluating public reaction, security

New security features

The very first banknote with MOTION SURFACE® tested security, durability and public reaction.